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Dr. Mohammad Abdullah Jan

Dr. Jan was born and raised in Pakistan. After graduation from Med school, he migrated to US in 1968 to finish his post graduate training. He started his cardiology practice in Dayton and Springfield area in 1974. Presently he is semi-retired and practicing part time cardiology.

His interest in Deen e Muhammad started at a very early age in Pakistan. His religious articles were being published in Pakistan News Paper at age 15. He primarily learned Deen e Islam from Sunday school as he was growing up in Pakistan.

After he migrated to US, he has been personally involved in building 6 different mosques in Dayton and Springfield area. His first project was a mosque in Springfield, OH in 1982 where he was the first President of Islamic Association of Miami Valley. Presently he is the president of ICC.
He has been delivering Jumma khutbahs since 1982. His main area of interest is Quranic Studies. In near future he will be holding classes at ICC in advanced studies of Quran.

Mufti Muhammad Suleman Sadiq

Mufti Muhammad Suleman Sadiq is the Director and Vice President of Islamic Center of Centerville (ICC), and the Principal of Jamia Falah ul Darain, est. 2017.

Born in Washington, DC and raised in Pakistan, Mufti Suleman completed his academic studies and then began his pursuit of studying the sacred sciences at Jamia Al Hasanain in Faisalabad, Pakistan. He had the honor to complete the 8-year Alamiyyah program under the direct tutelage of renowned scholars, Maulana Tariq Jamil and Shaykh Ramzi Al Habib, amongst others.

After his graduation, he dedicated a year in the path of Allah, as part of his formal Islamic training, and then enrolled in the prestigious Jamia Binoria in Karachi, Pakistan, to complete his specialization (Takhasus) in Ahadith under the instruction and care of Shaykh Abdul Hameed Chishti.

He attained distinction of merit in his class with the extraordinary accomplishment of memorizing the entire Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Riyadus Saliheen, and Muntakhab Ahadith. By the Grace of Allah, Mufti Suleman also memorized the entire Quran in one month in Ramadan during his Alamiyyah program.

In 2012, he returned back to the United States, to bring the fruits of his experiences and learning in North America, and served as an imam in Louisville, Kentucky. However, seeing the greater needs of the American Muslim community to have access to sacred knowledge, Mufti Suleman established a branch of Jamia Al-Hasanain in Indianapolis under the guidance of his 1Our Respected Teachers teachers. He directed and guided its vision and mission for 4 years, conducting classes of sacred knowledge, before moving to Ohio and co-founding Jamia Osmania along with Hansbhai Aiyub Shaykh .(رحـ ـ ـمه الـ ـ ـله)

In 2019, Mufti Suleman Sadiq cofounded and established the Islamic Center of Centerville, serving as scholar, teacher, mentor and leader to the community of Centerville and beyond. ICC places particular emphasis on catering for the educational activities of all age groups, facilitating Alimiyyah programs for brothers and sisters, study circles, community programs and an Islamic school. Mufti Suleman has been committed to supervise and lead all of the educational and social initiatives and continues to further his own journey of sacred knowledge by completing his specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence. His presence is a
blessing and a source of pride for the Centerville Muslim community. May Allah preserve and increase his good works and reward him generously for all that he does for the community. Ameen

Mufti Umer Abbasi

Mufti Umer Abbasi is the head of Darul Iftaa at ICC and is also a teacher of Fiqh and Usul-alFiqh. He hails from Murree, Pakistan where he first embarked on a path of seeking sacred Knowledge, by memorizing the Quran at Madarasa Subhania, Murree in 2003.
Thereafter, he undertook an extensive 11-years of Alamiyyah program at the renowned Institute of Islamic Sciences in Islamabad, graduating with a bronze medal for top rank. He also completed his B.A. alongside his Alamiyyah from the University of Punjab in 2013 and B.Ed. from Allama Iqbal Open University in 2014. His thirst for Islamic knowledge led him to enroll in Jamia tur Rasheed in Karachi in the 3-year advanced Ifta program, specializing in Islamic Commercial law and management sciences.

With a particular focus in finance, Mufti Umer then graduated from Karachi University with an MBA.

His career journey as Mufti and scholar began at his alma mater, Jamia tur Rasheed in Karachi where he served as assistant Mufti and Teacher for 4 years. Additionally, mufti Umer studied Islamic Law of Contracts and Fiqh-ul-Muamlaat in 2018 from one of the best universities of the Muslim world, INCEIF, Malaysia.
He also attained a Masters in Islamic Banking and Finance from the reputable IBA university, Karachi, graduating in 2021 with merit scholarship.

As a Director of Department, he served Shariah Consultancy Services for Trade and Finance for 3 years during 2017-2020. His extensive experience also includes conducting numerous short courses on Islamic Trade and Finance in various universities across Pakistan. In 2020, Mufti Umer Abbasi moved to US and worked as a Quran and Hadith teacher at Peace Children Academy in Brooklyn, NY. He also served as imam and Khateeb at masjid Quba in Brooklyn, NY. Since 2021, he has been serving at the ICC as a Mufti on board for the Fatwa center and teaching Fiqh and Usul al Fiqh. May Allah continue to enable him to serve His Deen in theWest as he had been in the East. Ameen

Maulana Osama Sharieff


Ustadh Osama Sharieff is currently a hifdh teacher /supervisor at ICC. He was born in Miami, Florida. His parents founded Darul Uloom Al Madina, an Islamic institute in Buffalo, NY, to which he enrolled in 2005. Ustadh Osama Sharieff memorized the Quran at the age of 14. He then enrolled in an Alim program and studied with great scholars, the likes of Moulana Jamal (Malaysia), Sheikh ul hadeeth, and Moulana Abdul Muiz (from Darul Uloom, Karachi, a direct student of Mufti Taqi Usmani sb). He than went on to study qirra’at (tajweed) for a about a half
a year under the Egyptian Qari Shaykh Sha’ban. Ustadh Osama has been teaching the students what he had learned from Qari Sha’ban. Along with imparting education, he is directly involved in the students’ upbringing, etiquettes and behavior to see their bright future. He also intends to further mastery and specialization in subjects such as Tafseer, Arabic and Hadith. Ustadh Osama is dedicated and committed to provide better services at ICC and further the vision of this esteemed institute. May Allah increase his tawfeeq to teach Quran to the Muslim youth and nurture them with the Prophetic teachings. Ameen

Maulana Ibrahim Raqeeb

Head of Publishing

Maulana Ibrahim Raqeeb was born in Fairfax, Virginia. His father was very concerned about his Islamic upbringing. Therefore, his family moved to South Africa and then to Pakistan. He became a Hafiz of the Holy Quran at the age of 12 and pursued his basic Islamic Education. He developed the desire to bring Islam to the American society and wanted to fulfill the dream of his father (who passed away ـله ـ الـ ـمه ـ رحـ ( so he enrolled in Jamia Hasanain in Indiana where he studied the Alamiyyah program for five years. He completed courses in Arabic, Quranic sciences, jurisprudence and more then went on to pursue further education in Pakistan where he enrolled in Jamiatul Hasanain in Faisalabad and completed the six books of Ahadith under the great scholars, Maulana Tariq Jameel, Maulana Ubaidullah and Sheikh Ramzi. He received his Ijaza in Ahadith from many great scholars with the help of his mother who worked tirelessly to see her son become a great scholar of Islam. May Allah continue to give him tawfeeq to impart Sacred Knowledge to the next generation of Muslim youth in America and make him sadaqa Jariya for his father. Ameen

Maulana Muhtasim Hassan

Maulana Muhtasim Hassan was born in New York City. At a very young age he began to pursue his Islamic Studies. At the age of 13, he became a Hafiz of the Quran at Darul Uloom Al-Madania in Buffalo, New York. Thereafter, he pursued further studies and enrolled in the Alimiyyah program in the same institution where he completed his secular education fulfilling the requirements of the Board of Education of New York State and studied there for 7 years. Maulana Muhtasim has experience as an Imam in multiple Masajid and also as a teacher in various institutions. He is a patient and dedicated teacher and leader, focused on building relationships with students and peers to help them reach their full potential through skill4 building and obtaining sacred knowledge. Maulana Muhtasim is proficient in Qur’anic Hifdh and recitation, as well as reading and writing Urdu and Arabic. Moreover, he holds great competence in Qur’anic memorization retention, Islamic jurisprudence, and Arabic grammar,
particularly in sentence diagramming. May Allah place barakah in his excellent teaching style and may he continue to illuminate the next generation of Muslims with the Light of Kalamullah. Ameen